Installation of Toilet Partitions


Easy peasy lemon squezey…Many customers are a little concerned with taking on the installation themselves of their toilet partitions.  However have no fear, installing toilet partitions is similar to putting together a piece of Ikea furniture with some drilling in the walls and floors.   Very simple to do, just follow the instructions and have a little patience.  A typical handyman or carpenter should have no problems completing the installation.   Below are links to help you through the process.  If you are still feeling overwhelmed or lost please give me a call at 619-334-6653 my name is Rob and I would love to help you.  Below are some tricks and tips to help you through this process.

  1.  Start with a clean restroom.  Nothing is worse than tripping over stuff that does not belong there.
  2.  Check all your material as you are brining into the restrooms. Notify your supplier of anything that is missing or damaged right away.
  3.  Take a pencil and a tape measure and start layout where each component goes.  Use a pencil incase you make mistakes.
  4.  After double checking your layout you can start drilling the holes in the floor and walls so you can set your brackets and floor anchors.
  5.  Attached the balance of your hardware to the pilasters and begin setting the material in the properly locations and fastening the screws accordingly.
  6.  Set your doors and install your door hardware.
  7.  As you are installing your head-rail double check your door gaps and install accordingly.
  8.  Sweep and go home!

The link above will take you to specific installation videos for each toilet partitions material type.