All Gender restrooms have become more popular in the past few years. This is largely due to efforts to make bathrooms more accessible to transgender people or people who identify as gender non-binary. As a result, many businesses, organizations, institutions, and agencies, have been taking steps to make sure that their premises have options for all-gender restrooms.


However, because all-gender restrooms are relatively new, there is some confusion about what the exact requirements are for these types of restrooms. If you have been wondering what the exact requirements are for all-gender bathrooms, then this blog can clear this up for you.


There are no additional requirements for an “All Gender” restroom versus a Men’s or Women’s restroom other than the sign on the wall and door indicated the type of restroom.  These signs typically have a blue background and white writing.  There will be one sign on the door and one sign next to the door.  An “All Gender” Restroom needs to have the correct “All Gender” or “Restroom” sign in order to comply with today’s code.  Click on one of the small images below for a larger image.


All Gender bathrooms are very similar to unisex single-toilet bathrooms that have been commonly found around the world for generations. However, unlike these bathrooms, All Gender restrooms can have multiple stalls and multiple toilets. These restrooms can be used any person of any gender.


Thanks to All Gender bathrooms, businesses and other organizations are able to provide any person who visits their premise with a comfortable bathroom option and with one that resonates with their own personal values and gender identities. It is very likely that All Gender restrooms will continue to grow in popularity in the near future. So, it is wise for you to know ahead of time what the requirements are for All Gender bathrooms.

All Gender restrooms should have the same things that typical unisex or Men’s or Women’s restrooms have including toilets, toilet partitions, sinks and paper towels or hand dryers. However, no additional construction or additional items are needed in the bathroom to make it compatible for people of non-gender-binary or transgender identities.


Just make sure that your bathroom is otherwise up to code and that you keep it clean and well-lit. This in addition to the requirements mentioned above should be all you need to remain in compliance with code for All Gender restrooms.

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