How To Install Bathroom Partitions


Bathroom partitions are the perfect way to outfit any public restroom to help customers maintain privacy. But once you’ve ordered and received your bathroom stalls, how do you install them? In this article, we’ll explain exactly how to install your partitions easily and accurately and answer commonly asked questions, making sure they can stand the test of time.

Steps For Installing Your Bathroom Partitions

When installing your partitions, you should always follow proper safety guidelines, which include wearing safety gloves, glasses, shoes, and a hard hat.

  • Step 1. Establish the floor bracket locations
  • Step 2. Fasten the floor brackets
  • Step 3. Erect the panel
  • Step 4. Erect wall pilaster
  • Step 5. Prepare pilaster for the door
  • Step 6. Fast “U” brackets to the pilaster
  • Step 7. Erect pilaster
  • Step 8. Prepare door for hanging
  • Step 9. Hang door
  • Step 10. Erect remaining compartments (repeating steps 3 through 10)
  • Step 11. Fasten headrail brackets to the wall
  • Step 12. Insert headrail

For detailed instructions on how to install toilet partitions, click here.

Quick and Easy Installation Video Guide

Alcove Installation Guide

Powder Coat Installation Instructions

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Stainless Steel Installation Instructions

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Solid Plastic Installation Instructions

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Laminate Installation Instructions

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Phenolic Installation Instructions

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Are Bathroom Partitions Difficult To Install?

Our stalls are engineered for easy installation. A typical carpenter or handyman will be able to get the job done.

Do I Get All the Hardware That I Need For A Complete Installation?

Yes, you will receive everything you need for a complete installation with the exception of the installer themselves.

Why Our Toilet Partition Stalls, Hardware, and Accessories

We specialize in American-made toilet partitions with industry-leading warranties and free shipping. Each toilet partitions system comes with everything you need for complete, easy installation. From panels to doors, pilasters, and hardware, you will also receive detailed installation instructions. Additionally, an expert installer is available to talk you through any questions you might have. With our extensive list of options and expert customer service team, it’s no wonder more people use us as their toilet partition and washroom accessories supplier than any other on the market.