The Bobrick 1552 Metro Series Partition: Everything You Need to Know About This Safe, Stylish Option

We’ll never try to psyche you up on something that we’re not actually psyched about, so when we tell you that we’ve got a topic that you’re bound to be thrilled about at the end of this article, we hope you’ll stick with us—even once we reveal that that topic is toilet partitions.

Listen, we get it—toilet partitions probably don’t seem all the exciting, but that’s just because you’ve never heard us talk toilet partitions before. Today, we’re bending your ear and chatting all about a series called the Bobrick 1552 Metro Series—these partitions are durable, affordable, resilient, and even super stylish (bet you’ve never heard a partition called stylish before, right?).

So, sit back, open your mind, and start talkin’ toilet partitions with us—we can bet you’re going to be thrilled about the Bobrick 1552 Metro Series by the end of this article.

Toilet Partition 101: Why Do You Need a Toilet Partition in the First Place?

Toilet partitions are more than just helpful dividers for your commercial bathrooms—they’re accents that speak to your style and design; they’re reminders that you care about your staff and customers’ safety when inside your space; they’re efforts to keep your bathrooms clean and sanitary.

Commercial bathrooms should have more than just the suggestion of safety and privacy—that should be a mandate. The right partition can help you keep your space cleaner, deter vandalism, fight off mold and mildew, and provide a put-together look for your commercial space.

Obviously, your bathroom needs more than just any old partition to reflect these feelings—and that’s where comes into play. And boy, do we have a treat for you—the Bobrick 1552 Metro Series. Ready to learn more about this series? We thought you might be. Keep reading for some serious knowledge!

What Exactly is the Bobrick 1552 Metro Series Made From?

We’ve got three words for you that you never knew would excite you beyond compare: high-pressure laminate.

Okay, right off the bat that doesn’t sound all that exciting. But give us a minute to explain why those three little words should amp you right up when it comes to talkin’ about toilet partitions.

For starters, high-pressure laminate (often referred to as HPL) is a high-quality, extra-durable material that’s no match for graffiti, impacts, and scratches. So, right away, we can tell you that this particular model—the must-purchase Bobrick 1552 Metro Series is going to stand up to even the toughest of public areas.

But that’s not all. This specific high-pressure laminate plastic is made wit ha 45-lb density and industrial grade, resin-impregnated particleboard substrate. In other words, it outperforms every time and complies with all fire code and safety standards. It outperforms metal partitions, satisfies all budgets, and stands the test of time while looking fierce in any commercial bathroom setting.

See why we’re hyped about HPL now? Yeah, we thought you might!

Colors, Colors, Colors—We’ve Got Choices

We’re not going to say that the best part about the Bobrick 1552 Metro series is the huge array of color options—but, we’re not going to lie, that’s a pretty big deal to us (and we think it should be to you, too).

Now, when we say we have HPL color options, we don’t mean we have a list of 5 colors that you can choose from—we mean we have 35 amazing colors and every last one of them is an available option for you!

From classic looks like designer white to fun pops of color like spectrum blue to earthy tones like the chestnut wood line, there’s a Bobrick 1552 Metro Series color out there for every commercial bathroom—no matter what the aesthetic might be!

But of course, the color variety is just the start of the advantages of the Bobrick 1552 Metro Series toilet partitions. Keep reading to learn even more about the must-know benefits the Bobrick 1552 Metro Series has to offer you!

The Must-Know Benefits of the Bobrick 1552 Toilet Partition Series

Picking a toilet partition to fit your commercial bathroom needs isn’t easy. Whether you’re a public or private business owner, it’s vital that the partitions you pick don’t just look great, but are durable, tough, and can stand the test of time.

The complete benefits of the Bobrick 1552 Metro Series are just too long to list, but we certainly won’t leave you hanging—keep reading to learn about a few of the must-know benefits of this unique series

  • A leading example of flexibility and insistence of toughened, resilient standards
  • Over 35 color choices to fit any bathroom’s style
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Robust laminate construction
  • Able to withstand heavy shock, impacts, scratches, and more
  • Overhead system that doesn’t involve attaching to the ceiling
  • Easy to remove graffiti from and can withstand vandalism
  • Built with industrial-grade boarding making it more likely to withstand malicious and intentional damage

Low-Maintenance, Durable, and Stylish: How Can Help You Pick the Perfect Partition

The Bobrick 1552 Metro Series is a must-purchase choice for folks out there who are looking for the ultimate intersection between durability and style for their commercial bathroom choices.

Looking for something a little different? We’ve got you covered. Toilet partitions aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and at, we’re ready to help you find the ultimate fit for your needs!

No matter what type of toilet partition you choose, we’ll be there with you every step of the way to add the perfect partition to your commercial bathroom space.

Why? Because we believe that toilet partitions are more than just dividers—they keep your space clean, safe, and stylish!

When you choose to work with us at, you’ll receive an easy buying experience, customized, personal service, and easy installation! You can expect other services like:

  • Personalized customer service that fits your schedule, not the other way around. Call us, email us, send us a carrier pigeon—however you want to reach us, we’ll be there to answer your questions and make your order a success.
  • Hardware included in every order—stainless steel hardware, to be exact!
  • Easy to follow installation instructions to walk you through the construction of your new, quality toilet partitions.

So, tell us—are you ready to find the perfect partition for your commercial bathroom space? Look no further than the experts at For pricing on our Bobrick 1092 Sierra Series (or any other series or material for that matter), call us at 833-759-0176 or email us at

We can’t wait to help you find the perfect partition for your commercial bathroom!

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