Different types of Bathroom Partitions and Toilet Stalls


There are many different types materials that commercial bathroom partitions are made out of today. Some are fabricated inside of a manufacturing plant and arrive at your door step ready to be assembled. This type of material is considered “pre-fabricated” which is the only products we sell…pre-fabricated and ready to install.  Then there are some that require fabrication on site and a trade craftsman is recommended.  Typically the ones fabricated on site will need some sort of “sealer” on the material to keep the restroom as sanitary as possible.  Code requires all toilet partition material to be non-porous.  This will keep unwanted urine or other liquids from soaking into your divider panels.  If you are building your stalls out of wood you will definitely want to put a good sealer on your material in order to avoid contamination.

Different bathroom partition material types