We cannot over-emphasize the importance of bathroom partitions in your commercial restroom. Bathroom partitions and toilet stalls have many advantages over their single-occupied counterparts.  In this blog, we will go over the many different types of bathroom partitions and toilet stalls that you can facility.

Classification by Fabrication

Two classifications bathroom partitions and toilet stalls exist. The first and most popular is the “Pre-fabricated” type and a not so close second place is on-site fabrication.

Pre-Fabrication of Bathroom Partitions

Pre-fabricated bathroom partitions and toilet stalls are ready-made, ready to install. They are fabricated and completed inside a manufacturing plant and show up ready to be assembled. At ToiletPartitions.com, we take the headache away and have the material fabricated. When you purchase our stalls you will only be required to assemble them.

On-Site Fabrication of Bathroom Partitions

These bathroom partitions and toilet stalls need to be fabricated on-site. They are not ready-made and not ready to install. The fabrication will require the service of an expert trade artisan. Partitions that require on-site fabrication will also have a sealer since health regulations require partition materials to be non-porous. This is accomplished through a ‘sealer’ that keeps urine and other liquid away from the divider panels. The sealer is especially important if your bathroom partitions and toilet stalls are made from wood.

Different Bathroom Partition Material Types

Powder Coat

Powder coat material is one of the most prominent materials available for bathroom partitions. Budget friendly, easy to install and quick lead times make the demand for this material very high.

Plastic Laminate

Still “budget” friendly toilet partitions, however a much wider pallet of colors. The plastic laminate material is quick ship and easy to install making this a very popular material.

Solid Plastic

Great for high traffic, high vandal areas and also the first choice for material around showers.  If you need durable material that won’t break the budget the solid plastic material is your choice.

Stainless Steel

If you are seeking corrosion-free and a long-term solution, stainless steel material is the choice that you can decide for toilet partitions. Although they cost a bit more than the other options its an investment with your customers.


My favorite material by far. This however is not budget friendly and can put your project in the red.  The phenolic or compact laminate material will stand the test of time.  Backed by a 25 year warranty and almost endless colors.


Corian material requires the certification of a factory trained installer.   Corian material is rare with bathroom partitions material however you do see it from time to time.


If you are thinking to give an antique look to the washroom to impress your customers, marble is the choice that you can make. It is a durable but a bit costly choice for your bathroom.

The following are some of the “on site fabrication” style  of bathroom partition materials. Unless you are an expert carpenter I would avoid any of these types due to the level of experience and the amount of tools needed.

  • Stone
  • F.R.P
  • Fiberglass
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Tile


Don’t over think your choice of bathroom partition material.  More than likely you will want to order pre-fabricated material which really boils down to five material.  Powder Coat, Plastic Laminate, Solid plastic, Stainless Steel and Phenolic.

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