There are four different mounting styles available with toilet partitions.  They are listed below in order of popularity.  The overhead-braced style is by far the most popular.  It is the typically in stock, is the easiest to install as well as the strongest most durable style on the market.  Architects and janitors like some of the other styles as it relevant to their job position.  Read below for more information.


The over-head braced or head-rail braced mounting style is by far the most popular mounting style.  You have likely seen this style time and time again. This style of toilet partitions has the aluminum bar above your head as you walk through the door way.  This style is the easiest to install and in many situations is the strongest most sturdiest style available.

Floor Anchored Toilet Partitions

The floor mount style, meaning floor and wall mount connections only.  This has a great look if you have a really low or really high ceiling, you be the judge.  This style of partitions does not have the aluminum rail above your head as you walk through the door.  All the pilasters, doors and panels are the same height giving clean lines and a modern look.

Bobrick Ceiling Hung Toilet Partitions

Ceiling hung partitions are great if you have the budget. The style of material requires structural steel backing to ensure stability which requires extra money and time.  This style of material is great as you have no penetrations in the floor ensuring a long life of your restroom floor.  Also a favorite of maintenance and janitors due to ease of moping the floor since no supports are attached to the floor.

Bobrick Floor to ceiling toilet partitions

Floor to ceiling toilet partitions can in fact be the strongest style of partitions available.  It depends on how tall your ceiling is. If you have a ceiling That is eight feet or under than your partition system (with the correct backing) should be as strong as the over-head braced system.  The taller your ceiling is the more “flex” your system will have.

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