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The Bobrick 1082 Partition Series: Simple, Secure, Stylish

Get ready to get stoked about toilet partitions—yeah, we said it, toilet partitions. You’re probably sitting there, scratching your head, wondering something aloud like, “toilet partitions? How the heck can we talk about toilet partitions being exciting?”

Friends, if you’re not psyched about toilet partitions, that’s only because you’ve been steered wrong your whole life.

Toilet partitions aren’t just a boring addition to your commercial bathroom, they’re a stylish, simple, durable, and safe necessity that you, your employees, and your customers.

When it comes to partitions, what you need are options—and that’s precisely what we’re here to offer you. Today, we’re shining a light on one of the best options out there, the Bobrick 1082 Toilet Partition Series—a must-know partition series that’s bound to change your life, your bathroom, and your outlook on partitions in general.

Let’s Talk Partitions: Your 101 Guide to Why You Need a Toilet Partition in the First Place

What’s that? You’ve never heard of a toilet partition?

Even if you think you’ve never heard of a partition, odds are, you probably have.

Toilet partitions are safety additions to your commercial bathroom—they keep stalls separate, deter vandalism, curb mold, provide a put-together look for your commercial space, and even stand up against wear, tear, vandalism, and impact.

But more than that, toilet partitions need to ensure space, comfortable movement, and most importantly, privacy. The Bobrick 1082 Series can provide you with that—and more—in style.

Your bathroom needs partitions—that’s just a fact. But if you’re looking for something that can add pizzazz, longevity, and durability to your commercial bathroom space, you can’t just look for any old partition.

Our suggestion?

Keep reading about the Bobrick 1082 Series—one of’s favorite series from Bobrick.

Materials Matter: What You Can Expect From the Bobrick 1082 Partition Series

We’re about to say two words that are bound to change your life—Compact Laminate.

Okay, so, upon hearing those words, nothing feels or seems super earth-shattering, right? But give us a minute to plead our case and explain why the words compact laminate are so dang exciting.

Compact laminate is a material that’s constructed with layers of Kraft paper, dipped in resin, and dried Then, the layers are sandwiched between laminated sheets, compressed, and baked, using polymerization to meld it all together.

The end result?

A solid-core panel that’s tough, durable, and laminate.

The 1082 series is durable and resilient. It stands up to impact, tears, dents, breaks, and even has non-ghosting graffiti removal.

See why we’re so hyped about compact laminate?

You’re probably starting to get it. With this material, you get a stylish look that fits whatever aesthetic you’re hoping to match without sacrificing longevity. That means function and fashion can merge seamlessly!

Styles, Colors, Choices—Oh My!

Speaking of fashion, give us a minute to bend your ear about color options. Sure, sure, we know there’s more to life than a ton of fun colors to choose from—but the Bobrick 1082 series just so happens to offer you all the benefits you’re looking for in a toilet partition as well as some sweet color combinations that are bound to amplify, elevate, and enhance your commercial bathroom space.

These professional, contemporary colors and finishes are high-class, high-quality, and highly pleasing to your bathroom aesthetic. The overhead-braced 1082 partition comes in one of 18 colors and styles.

From basic staples (like white, almond, and black stone) to a gritty, modern color scheme like cello, brushed aluminum, and graphite graphix, these modern options are striking, memorable, and never over the top—just fun and fashionable.

The Boundless Benefits of the Bobrick 1082 Partition Series

We’ve talked basics. We’ve talked materials. Heck, we’ve even talked color scheme. Now it’s time to talk about something even more important—the benefits of the Bobrick 1082 Series.

The benefits of the Bobrick 1082 Partition Series are pretty infinite. The 1082 series is all about seamlessly combining protection, safety, and standard necessity without sacrificing style or aesthetic. But that’s not all. There are plenty more benefits where that came from, including things like:

  • Solid-core build that provides confidence and durability
  • Satisfies Class B ASTM E84, 1082 Overhead brace partitions
  • Will withstand years(!) of heavy use
  • Hard-wearing Duraline compact laminate
  • Extensive manufacturers warranty for 25+ years (that will help honor)
  • Easy graffiti removal and non-ghosting coating (no traces of vandalism here!)
  • Easy to clean and even easier to install
  • 18 choices for color and style—easily fits any bathroom aesthetic

And those are just a few of the benefits that the Bobrick 1082 Partition Series can offer you!

Simple, Secure, & Stylish: How Can Help You Pick the Perfect Partition

Picking the perfect partition is never an easy decision. There are so many unique factors to consider—from style to function to durability, every commercial bathroom has different needs, so it’s crucial to know that what you’re picking is actually the right choice.

That’s where we come in.

At, we’re pretty dang passionate about partitions—and even more passionate about our customers. We exist to assist, so there’s not toilet partition problem you can’t come to us with—we’re here to help solve your toilet partition problems!

Working with means more than just receiving a great partition variety, it also means you’ll receive an easy buying experience, customized, personal service, and easy installation! You can expect other services like:

  • Personalized customer service that fits your schedule, not the other way around. Call us, email us, send us a carrier pigeon—however you want to reach us, we’ll be there to answer your questions and make your order a success.
  • Hardware included in every order—stainless steel hardware, to be exact!
  • Easy to follow installation instructions to walk you through the construction of your new, quality toilet partitions.

So, tell us—are you ready to find the perfect partition for your commercial bathroom space? Look no further than the experts at For pricing on our Bobrick 1092 Sierra Series (or any other series or material for that matter), call us at (833) 759-0176 or email us at

We can’t wait to help you find the perfect partition for your commercial bathroom!


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