Do  You Carry Bobrick Solid Plastic Bathroom Partitions?

We sell a wide variety of high-quality restroom partitions at Toilet Partitions. We get a high number of calls asking if we carry Bobrick solid plastic bathroom partitions. Bobrick has never made solid plastic toilet stalls even though they offer a variety of other types of materials. While we cannot provide you with something that does not exist, we do provide high-quality solid plastic restroom walls.

Do You Have a Substitute for Bobrick Solid Plastic Bathroom Partitions?

While we cannot offer Bobrick solid plastic bathroom partitions since they do not make them, we do have other brands available. Our solid plastic stalls and urinal screens are constructed of high-quality materials and we have a variety of color choices available.

Advantages of Solid Plastic Toilet Partitions

Solid plastic partitions are the best choice for many bathrooms. They are a preferred choice for a variety of reasons. If your public restroom is subject to high traffic day in and day out, or if it has shower accommodations and has to withstand wet conditions solid plastic bathroom partitions will stand up to both. Here are the top benefits of choosing solid plastic.

  •   Durability: Solid plastic stall walls are heavy-duty. They are built to last. They are popular for bathrooms that endure heavy use daily. If your public accommodations are at a high risk for vandalism, they are especially useful. They will not need a lot of maintenance to continue looking good. This is useful if you don’t have the manpower to check on them frequently.
  •   Waterproof: Polyethylene is used in a lot of products that need to be waterproof from water bottles to plastic piping. It is safe to use outdoors and in as well as in food packaging. These partitions will not absorb water. If your bathroom is humid due to a nearby shower or other reasons, solid plastic is a great choice. Since they resist moisture, it gives them an antimicrobial quality. These qualities make them a sanitary option for busy bathrooms.
  •   Textured Surface: These bathroom stall panels have a textured finish. This is why pens and pencils have a difficult time marking on them. The outer surface is also self-lubricating and waxy, so they are hard to write on.
  •   Solid Colors: Our line solid plastic bathroom partitions has 14 different colors to choose from. They range from calming neutrals to bright, vibrant colors. No matter what color you prefer for your patron’s bathroom, solid plastic partitions are the same color all the way through. Their structure and solid color make them very god at concealing nicks and scrapes that may develop over years of bathroom use. The color will not peel or wear off even with heavy constant use or exposure to moist environments. This means your bathroom will continue to look as good as day one for many years to come.

·   Mid-Range Pricing:  The incredible durability you get with solid plastic bathroom partitions comes in at a mid-range price. They start at only $450. This is a bit more than the most economical choices, but you get a strength and longevity that will outlast them by years.

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