Looking for Bobrick Stainless Steel Bathroom Partitions?

Here at Toilet Partitions, we get a large number of calls asking for Bobrick stainless steel bathroom partitions. We understand the brand is popular and has a number of high-quality restroom partitions choices, however, there are no Bobrick stainless steel bathroom partitions because the company just doesn’t make them. They haven’t made them for nearly 50 years. If you need stainless steel restroom partitions or urinal screens, we have a number of high-quality products.

Advantages of Choosing Stainless Steel Bathroom Partitions

We understand Bobrick stainless steel bathroom partitions would be ideal, but they simply do not make them. However, stainless steel restroom stall walls are a viable and popular choice for many reasons. We understand you need long-lasting, durable partitions for your public bathroom. There are some specific advantages of choosing stainless steel bathroom partitions. This material is popular in public restrooms for some good reasons including aesthetic qualities and longevity. Here are six more reasons to choose stainless steel bathroom partitions.

Lightweight Construction

If you could see inside a stainless steel partition, you’d see a honeycomb core. This offers you a sturdy core but without a lot of excess materials.  The honeycomb interior will allow the use of materials used in construction of the partitions to be minimal. Even though these are some of the lightest varieties you can purchase, they are strong enough to handle blunt force and graffiti.


Stainless steel restroom partitions are rust and corrosion resistant. Even in moist environments, they are not subject to rust. They can pretty much handle anything that comes their way. This includes day to day wear and tear and vandalism. Even though they are lightweight when it comes to construction, they will outlast door slamming and other elements typically found in public restrooms. Scratches and stains are easily wiped or buffed away.

Aesthetic Qualities

The aesthetic appeal is one of the main reasons you see stainless steel bathroom partitions in a lot of public restrooms. They are shiny and flawless which makes them a great choice for virtually any setting.

Fire and Heat Resistant

Having a fire in any public area can pose a major threat. This is why public areas must comply with fire codes and building codes, to help minimize the risk or fire. Stainless steel restroom partitions are resistant to heat and fire to ensure safety in public restrooms. Stainless steel outers and an interior core made of aluminum makes them resistant to heat and damaging fire.

Low Maintenance

Of course, public restrooms need frequent cleaning to keep germs down and help prevent the spread of infections. Stainless steel partitions do need to be wiped down to help them maintain a good appearance. They are easily wiped down to ensure their surface is kept shiny and clean.


Stainless steel is an environmentally responsible and friendly choice. One reason is they simply last a long time and are not likely to end up in the dump. The best part is the partitions are 100% recyclable. They are never “useless” since they can be entirely recycled. Since the material is not consumed, it is sustained. And that makes it an environmentally friendly option.



If you have any questions about stainless steel bathroom partitions, please contact us and speak to one of our experts. We are here to help you get the bathroom partitions that work best for your public or commercial setting.

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