The Must-Know Advantages of Bobrick 1092 Sierra Series—Reinforced Composite Toilet Partitions

Let’s Talk Toilet Partitions

Ready to start talkin’ toilet partitions? Whether it’s your first time buying toilet partitions for your
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Today, we’re chatting all about reinforced composite toilet partitions—more specifically, about the
must-know advantages of a must-purchase model we call the Bobrick 1092 Sierra Series.
If you’re reading this and wondering how we’re possibly so jazzed about toilet partitions, you just keep
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So, are you ready to get down to it? We thought so! Read on to learn more about how reinforced composition bathroom partitions from the Bobrick 1092 Sierra Series can change the way you think about commercial bathrooms.

What Are Reinforced Composite Bathroom Partitions, Anyway?

If you know anything about our team at, then you know we’re all about doing our research when it comes to sourcing the highest-quality materials for the toilet partitions we offer. That reasoning is precisely why we can’t get enough of Bobrick’s reinforced composite materials.

Reinforced composite is more than just an attractive, affordable option for your commercial bathroom setup, it’s also durable, resistant, and hardy enough to last you decades (and beyond).

The solid color reinforced composite that makes up the Bobrick 1092 Sierra Series partitions holds up against scratches, dents, impact, and even moisture, making it a great option for high-traffic areas in any climate. The best part? This reinforced composite even holds up against graffiti, allowing for easy clean-up in the event of graffiti without ghosting.

The composite material, sometimes called fiber-reinforced polymer (or FRP) is comprised of a high-strength additive to make this material tough, strong, and able to withstand the use and abuse of time.

Stall Colors—It’s Up To You!

We’re always proud to offer Bobrick products to our customers because of their longstanding dedication to quality—but we also love that they typically offer a variety of unique, attractive colors for customers to choose from.

The Bobrick 1092 Sierra Series is no different! These solid color reinforced composite toilet partitions come in attractive earth-tone options like golden khaki, desert beige, terra cotta, and forest green.
Color plays an important role in a commercial bathroom design choice, and the versatility these options offer are second to none! No matter what bathroom décor you’re hoping to design—from a stadium to a shopping mall to a fancy resort—there’s a color here that can complement your design goals (no matter what color scheme you’re looking to achieve).

solid color

The Benefits of Reinforced Composite Bathroom Partitions

We could talk endlessly about the Bobrick 1092 Sierra Series and the love we have for the reinforced composite material that comprises this series. Not only are we thrilled with the design simplicity (which ensures installation is a breeze), but we’re also truly enamored with the durability, the long-lasting finish, the secure partitions themselves, and of course, the attractive design.

What else is there to love about the Bobrick 1092 Sierra Series reinforced composite toilet partitions? We have an entire list right here.

  • This series comes in a range of flexible heights up to 72”—plus, it’s fixable to rear and sidewalls for easy connectivity and simple design.
  • The gap-free interlocking design provides maximum stall privacy—something every commercial bathroom could use a little more of, right?
  • These fixes, latches, and other stainless-steel hardware are built to last.
  • These protect against moisture, prevent deterioration, allow for easy graffiti clean-up without ghosting, and the solid SCRC doors and partitions cannot (cannot!) scratch or dent.
  • Blunt impact will not damage the 1092 system.
  • They come with a 25-year warranty directly from Bobrick!

In other words, what’s not to love about these reinforced composite toilet partitions?

Satisfaction, Durability, and Success—How Can Help

No matter what type of toilet partition you choose to purchase, working with is always the perfect choice.

Why? Because we care about the success of your projects, your unique goals, and answering your specific questions to give you a positive, one-of-a-kind experience.

When you choose to partner with, you can expect a fast, seamless buying experience, premium customer service, and easy installation. You can also expect services like:

  • A 25-year manufacturer guarantee to ensure that material we’re providing you with is tough and durable!
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  • Hardware included in every order—stainless steel hardware, to be exact!
  • Easy to follow installation instructions to walk you through the construction of your new, quality toilet partitions.

Our entire team is dedicated to helping you have a successful, positive experience—that’s why we’re available to you any time to discuss your order, your questions, or your delivery. No matter how many commercial bathrooms you need to design, one or one thousand, has your back and has you covered.

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