The world is quickly changing as I write this blog.  Schools across the US are shutting down.  Local communities are in a panic over toilet paper and who know what will happen next.  One thing that I can guarantee you will see and have seen change over the last week or so is hygiene.  I think we can all agree that mass majority of the population  has stepped up their hand washing.  Then there are those that have always washed our hands.  Ground zero for fighting coronavirus covid 19 starts in our washrooms with proper hygiene.  After using the bathroom or toilet partition stall you should always wash your hands with hot soapy wanter for at least 20 seconds. Another viable alternative is to use an alcohol based sanitizer.

Having a washroom that you can clean properly is also a very important in controlling disease and sickness.  There are two different types of toilet partitions that you can pressure wash or steam clean which is an added layer of protection against the twenty first century outbreaks and possible pandemic we are facing right now.  This is real life…think about health and safety when designing your restrooms.  Now is not the time to cut corners.  If you are interested in learning more about these solid surface materials please see the links below.  Stay safe and wash your hands!


Solid Plastic Material

Great for high traffic and high moisture areas including showers, stadiums, schools and bars.  25 year warranty backs this material which gives many customers peace and mind know this will stand the test of time.


Compact Laminate Material

Indestructible, bulletproof, and elegant this material has it all.  You can hit this with a hammer or a pressure washer and it will stand the test of time.  Due to the stainless steel hardware and almost endless color selection this is the choice of the budget allows it.

Importance of Cleaning and Maintaining the Toilet Partitions

In the present world, where people are fighting the pandemic COVID19, it is essential to maintain the highest level of hygiene. You must be working extraordinarily to keep your family and surroundings safe, but are you putting stress on toilet partitions as well?

If you are seeking to fight any of the diseases causing pathogens, you must start from the washrooms. Moreover, having clean restrooms will also attract a lot of the right customers to your business.

Here you are going to know about the maintenance and the cleaning of the toilet partitions. You are also going to know about how it can be beneficial for you. So, why are we still waiting? Let us find it out in the text below.

What are the Toilet Partitions?

If you want to maintain some level of privacy in the washroom, toilet partitions can be your sure call. There are different configurations and types of toilet partitions that are available. You can employ them in your public washroom to provide privacy to the customers.

What Are The Steps To Maintain Toilet Partitions?

If we are looking at the different steps in which one can maintain the toilet partitions, then they are as follows.

  • Check for any breakage in the material of the toilet partition. In this manner, you can ensure that the barriers are in good condition.
  • The next step that follows is the inspection of all the joints of the partition and the wall. Make sure that all the joining points and the screws are in the proper configuration. If the screws are loose, you must tighten them as well.
  • Furthermore, what you can do necessarily is to grease the critical points to maintain the smooth motion of the partitions.

Therefore, in these simple methods, you can ensure the maintenance of the toilet partitions.

What Are The Important Factors For The Cleaning Of Bathroom Partitions? 

The cleaning of bathroom stalls and partitions is very crucial. Therefore, it is always advisable that you maintain a proper protocol during the cleaning procedure. Hence, here are some of the essential elements of cleaning bathroom partitions.

Use Appropriate Cleanser

The choice of cleanser that we are using for the cleaning purpose is significant. We must make sure that we do not use any other potent compound. It may lead to the deterioration of the bathroom.

What you can do to overcome this situation is to use the material friendly solution. The cleanser must not ruin the surface of bathroom stalls. Besides, it must not be hazardous as it can cause problems for the clients.

Regular Cleaning

There is a rapid accumulation of harmful bacteria and pathogens on the surface of these partitions. Hence, from time to time, you must ensure the cleaning drives. Make sure to deploy a regular cleaning program for these partitions.

In this manner, you can minimize the spread of deadly pandemics.

Professional Team

You must always choose a professional team in dealing with the cleaning procedures. These are tasks that require precision and professionalism. Therefore, instead of getting down performing the cleaning process yourself, hire a good team for this purpose.

The professional team has all the user types of equipment that are in requirement for cleaning. Moreover, they can easily reach to the hard parts that one cannot reach easily.

What Is The Importance Of Cleaning And Maintaining Bathroom Stalls?

If we are counting on to the importance of cleaning and maintaining bathroom partitions, they are numerous. Let us classify each one of them.

Avoids Disease Spread

The primary importance of maintaining regular hygiene is to fight harmful diseases like COVID19. Bathrooms are one of the most common places of spread. Therefore, it becomes critical to ensure the cleanliness of these areas. Hence, in this manner, not only are you keeping yourself safe but also protecting humanity.

Improves Reputation

The excellent condition of your bathroom improves your reputation to no small extent. Customers are going to appreciate you and will be loyal to you. Hence, but just these simple steps, you are going to make a positive change.


Hence, here you can easily see the importance of maintaining and cleaning bathroom partitions. They are essential for providing privacy to the customers and the staff members. Moreover, in these difficult times like these of COVID19, ensuring hygiene can be a crucial step.

Therefore, do not wit or halt. Install the best toilet partitions and maintain them regularly.

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