How do you remove one way screws from Toilet Partitions?

There are a couple of ways to remove the “anti-theft” “one-way” screws that you typically find on bathroom stalls and toilet partitions.  The first it to purchase a “one way screw extractor” which can typically be found at a hardware store like home depot.  Click here for information on the screw extractor.  Using this tool can still be difficult and we recommend using a small pair of vise grips to get this part of the project done.  If you grab just the screw head with the “small” pair of vise grips you will be able to remove these one way toilet partitions screws very easy.

Toilet Partition Screw Remover

You can purchase the small pair of vise grips (picture left) at any local hardware store.  This tool has proved to much more efficient than the way one screw remover and is highly recommended to make the job easier.