How to estimate toilet partitions


Identifying Toilet Partition Manufacturer

One of several things to look out for when bidding on toilet partitions is the specific manufacturer.  If this is a private job you will typically find this information in the “A” blueprint sheets which is also know as the “architectural” pages of the blue prints.  If this is a “public” project you will likely find this information in the division 10 spec section of the bidding documents.  If this is a “public” or “government” project you will have at least three different manufacturers to choose form which can help when trying to find the best possible price for the project.

Identifying Style of Toilet Partitions

Missing this one can be costly.  9 times out of 10 you will be bidding on “Overhead-Braced” toilet partitions as this is by far the most common.  However missing a specification that calls for “Ceiling-Anchored” partitions can put your project in the hole quickly.  It it very important to look in three places for this information.

  1.  The Enlarged Restroom Plan In The “A” Sheets AKA the Architectural Sheets
  2.  Division 10 of Specifications Section
  3.  The Elevations in the “A” Sheets”
  4.  Check the finish schedule

Identifying Color of Toilet Partitions

By the far this can be the most costly mistake if missed.  I recommend triple checking your finish schedule, your “A” sheets and specification for this call out.  Missing the color can can cost  you thousands of dollars. Not to scare you a probably 98% of toilet partition specs call out for standard colors with no additional charge.  However if you bid enough toilet partitions you will eventually run across a special plastic laminate that can run thousands of dollars per a stall.  Be careful!

Budget and Hard Numbers

Estimating or “bidding” toilet partitions can be quite easy.  If you don’t have specification for your project It can be as simple as using our online price tool or sending us your plan, sketch or picture to and let us do the dirty work.  If you are looking to drill down and bid these on your own it can be quite simple.  Using “budget” numbers when bidding your toilet partitions can be quite accurate.  If you are looking for budget numbers please visit here…budget numbers for toilet partitions.  Now the price per a  “linear foot” or “square inch” price is not a typical method used for toilet partitions.   Due to large gaps between the floor and the material itself creates flaws in this method.  Unless you’re engineering the drawings yourself and have a list of component pricing this method is quite useless to you. If you are working on a more complicated project that requires detailed review of plans and specifications please keep an eye out for these details.