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You can easily find which Bobrick toilet stalls and urinal screens best fit your project’s needs. If you need Bobrick washroom accessories as well, you’ll find a full catalog capable of outfitting your entire restroom. Our experts are ready to advise you on what product features are key to achieving a successful installation that gives you great ROI.

Why Buy Bobrick Bathroom Panels?

Bobrick has been in business since 1906, giving them over 100 years of experience manufacturing high quality bathroom materials and accessories. The brand’s products are among the most commonly specified in commercial facilities throughout the country. 


Facility owners and architects often prefer Bobrick because the products are designed with their needs in mind. The Bobrick design approach always strikes the best possible balance between upfront cost, long-term maintenance and replacement expense, and overall performance. 


Furthermore, Bobrick’s bathroom products are always made in line with the standards set by some of the most important building code regulators, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). This makes them safe choices for compliance. Bobrick’s restroom panels and accessories also qualify for American-sourced directives and many green building certifications. 


The Perks of Phenolic and Plastic Laminate Stalls

Bobrick makes bathroom paneling out of two different materials: phenolic composite and plastic laminate. These materials are highly desirable for commercial restroom installations, as they each have unique features that make them particularly durable in these environments. 



These types of panels are made from multiple layers of papers pressed together and covered with phenolic resin coating. The result is a strong composite resistant to water, heavy impacts, and grafitti. This makes them good for high-traffic facilities. Phenolic stalls have a moderate lifespan.


Please note that the lead time for our phenolic partitions is 10-15 business days. 

Plastic Laminate

These stalls are made from a particle board core that is encased in steel. This shell is then sealed in plastic laminate. Plastic laminate has the broadest range of color and pattern options, making it ideal for installations where visual appeal is important. 


The lead time for our plastic laminate partitions is 3-6 business days. 

Need Help Deciding Which Bobrick Material is Best for You?

Our restroom paneling experts can give you a free consultation. We’ll get down to the nitty gritty of your project and figure out what qualities your project needs the most. From there, we’ll be able to help you select the Bobrick products that achieve an optimal installation. 


Just give us a call at 833-759-0176, or e-mail us at


Find Bobrick Washroom Accessories Here

Bobrick isn’t just a leader in manufacturing toilet stalls and screens, they’re also a top producer of commercial bathroom accessories. 

Paper and Sanitary Product Dispensers

Bobrick has an extensive lineup of devices for dispensing paper products and sanitary items. These are important items that will not only offer convenience and comfort to your facility’s occupants, they will also help your restrooms stay clean and sanitary. Their presence can thus reduce janitorial costs. 


  • Toilet paper dispensers
  • Toilet seat liner dispensers
  • Paper towel dispensers
  • Paper cup dispensers
  • Facial tissue dispensers
  • Sanitary napkin and tampon dispensers
  • Sanitary napkin disposals
  • Waste receptacles


Childcare Accessories

Providing family-friendly restrooms might be a must for your facility. In this case, we’re able to supply you with a full range of Bobrick products for childcare. These include: 


  • Horizontal, vertical, surface, and recessed mount baby changing stations
  • Diaper kit dispensers and diaper kits
  • Plastic liner dispensers
  • Toddler safety seats


Outfitting your restrooms with this equipment will ensure that parents who visit their bathrooms with their children will have a safe and sanitary place to change them. This is important not just for occupant health, but also ensuring that bathroom traffic is not disrupted for other visitors. 


*Note: Remember that if you want to follow industry best practices, you’ll want to install childcare accessories in every bathroom – women’s, men’s, and unisex. 

Healthcare Accessories

If you are planning restroom installations for healthcare facilities, you may need a number of specialized bathroom products. We’ve got you covered with a wide selection from Bobrick’s catalog. 


  • Surgical soap dispensers
  • Specimen pass-thrus
  • Bedpan and urinal bottle racks and cabinets
  • Foot-operated waste receptacles
  • Biohazard/sharp object disposals
  • Bathtub/shower seats
  • Grab bars
  • Narcotics cabinets
  • Rubber glove dispensers


Having some or all of these products installed is critical if you are aiming to comply with current healthcare facility standards. Many of these items can also be important for assisted living and childcare facilities. 

Miscellaneous Hardware

When planning a big project, the little details can sometimes go unnoticed until the installation is nearly complete. But having to wait on last-minute orders can delay your project significantly. Whether you’re trying to prevent this problem, or are looking to solve it quickly, we can supply you with everything you need in the fastest possible time.


  • Corner guards
  • Door bumpers
  • Lock and key sets
  • Single hooks
  • Double hooks
  • Hook strips
  • Mop and broom holders
  • Shelves
  • Mirrors
  • Fasteners
  • Anchoring devices
  • Toilet paper spindles
  • Soap valves and containers


Among these items, note that we also carry editions from Bobrick’s security line, which is designed specifically to resist theft and vandalism. 


Let’s Get Your Bobrick Restroom Products Delivered

If you’re ready to start planning your bathroom installation, we can set you up with the products you need to get it done. You can get a quick estimate of partitions with our online pricing tool, but if you need further help, we encourage you to talk with one of our experts. 



Phone: 833-759-0176

Text: 833-759-0176

Fax: 619.562.8474


Installing your Bobrick bathroom partitions and accessories is simple. We provide all partition installation instructions here on this website, so that you and your contractors can easily reference them at any time. Bobrick products are designed so that your general carpentry crew can tackle the installation without difficulty. 

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