Maintenance and Cleaning of Toilet Partitions


Living it today’s world (Post COVID 19) I think its safe to say we all want to step up our cleaning and sanitation.  Ground zero for fighting any bacteria and disease starts in the washroom with soap and water. Your toilet partitions in your restroom should be no exception. Bathrooms are typically thought of as “dirty and disgusting”, however this does not have to be your bathroom.  Simple and consistent cleaning and maintenance will leave you with happy (and clean) customers as well as enhance the life expectancy of your toilet partitions.

Maintenance of Toilet Partitions

If your partitions were properly installed the maintenance should be very minimal and should be done once a year (or as needed).  Simply checking the screws and bolts to ensure they are tightly fastened is the first step.  Door gaps should be adjusted to ensure privacy for your customers. If you are having trouble with “through-bolts” staying tight then use “loc-tite” to keep them fastened.  You should grease the hinges with a synthetic grease if needed and adjust them as necessary. (see installation instructions for help)

Cleaning of Toilet Partitions

Rule #1…Don’t use chemical cleaning agents.  Don’t let your cleaning company use anything other than what is listed on these instructions.