Receiving can often be an overlooked step in the process of ordering toilet partitions and if you are not ready for your shipment to arrive it can me quite overwhelming.   This not your average Amazon or Fed Ex delivery.  We will let you know what day your order is shipping out and then provide tracking information once its shipped.  Once the order ships we ask that you track your shipment in order be on site when it arrives.  A large freight truck with a large pallet is what the toilet partition system will arrive on.  This large pallet cannot be off loaded by hand.  It will require one of three things.

  1.  A forklift
  2.  A loading dock
  3. A lift gate

Most delivery addresses will not a have forklift or loading dock so a lift gate is required.  A lift gate is large hydraulic lift that enable freight to be lifted and lowered from the back of a delivery truck.  This lift gate is and additional $120.00 and needs to be arranged prior to the delivery.  We will aways ask if you need a lift gate during the time of order.

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