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No matter the environment of your project we have you covered, literally and physically.  From the moist tropical environments of Hawaii to the deserts of Nevada and the harsh winters of Alaska we have a material specific for your conditions. The great thing about our toilet partition pricing tool is that no matter what option you pick we give you pricing on 5 materials on the same quote. You can compare and decide which option best suits your projects needs.  Below you can explore and learn more or get pricing on your toilet partitions. If you need help with your project give me a call directly. (833) 759-0176 my name is Rob.

Restroom Compartments

Restroom compartments are a necessary part of any commercial building. Whether you are building a new restroom or remodeling an old one, we offer restroom compartments that include necessary corrosion-resistant hardware and meet ADA standards. They come in several heights, colors, and materials to meet budgetary and interior space needs. 


Our restroom compartments are made in the USA, and we deliver them directly to your door. They provide necessary privacy in restrooms of all sizes and many can be customized to fit your business’s brand and logo. Many of our designs are also resistant to vandalism with walls that are easy to clean. 


Our restroom compartments are also resistant to most environmental conditions, even intense humidity. We invite you to check out our full line of restroom compartments and accessories like soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, mirrors, baby-changing stations, and more. 

Consider Your Business’s Reputation

When designing a commercial building, restrooms are a necessity. But rarely are they considered for more than what they are. Consider the places you go and the restrooms you use. It is safe to say that you remember the best and the worst. When you think about the best and the worst, what do you think about the businesses? 


Your business’s reputation is affected by your restrooms. Those restroom compartments might not be the first thing you consider when growing your business, but if your customers use your restroom, then you should. The quality of your restroom shows whether or not you care about your customers and your employees. With a simple upgrade to your restroom partitions and your accessories, your customers will recognize that you care about their health and well-being. 

Meeting the Needs of Environmental Extremes

We offer restroom compartments that withstand a variety of extremes. We understand that some businesses have highly controlled environments with constant temperatures, but others have restrooms that are exposed to elements like excessive heat and humidity. Our restroom compartments can handle it. 


Along with being resistant to heat and humidity, our restroom compartments are also resistant to cleaning products, chemicals, abrasions, and impacts. And, we stand behind the products we sell. Our restroom compartments come with manufacturer warranties, and we include a 100% satisfaction guarantee, too. 


Our customer service representatives can help you find restroom compartments that will meet your environmental needs. They understand which materials are best for your commercial building so you can get the most of your new build or remodel. We offer free quotes and free shipping, too. 

Restroom Compartment Materials

Our restroom partitions come in five different styles. The materials are available in different colors and fits. Our online catalog includes the dimensions of each model, so you can find the perfect compartments for your restroom needs. With more than two decades of helping businesses design their restrooms, we can help you decide which material is best for your needs. 

Inexpensive and easy to clean compartments

Powder-coated steel restroom partitions are the least expensive option in our catalog. These are commonly found in restrooms in businesses with low amounts of traffic and controlled environments. They are built to last up to 20 years, and are durable and lightweight. 


They are manufactured with cardboard between two pieces of steel. Manufacturers protect the steel by coating the exterior in polymer resin and powder-coat. They come in many neutral colors, and many are made with recycled parts. 

Timeless look with extra durability

If you love the look of shiny steel, the stainless steel restroom compartments might be the style you need. These are built to last, and come with a warranty that lasts for several years. Stainless steel restroom compartments also include recycled components, and they look modern and stylish. 


Like their powder-coated counterparts, they are easy to keep clean, as stainless steel is resistant to mold, chemicals, and moisture. These are fire-resistant and look great in any bathroom. They come in one color, shiny silver, but they coordinate with almost all bathroom accessories to create a timeless look. 


Stainless steel restrooms are best suited to businesses that want a classic look, or for restrooms that are exceptionally busy. The compartments are incredibly durable, which is why they are commonly found in busy restaurants, airports, or public buildings. 

Customizable and versatile

If your goal is to showcase your brand in your restroom, these restroom compartments will do it. Our plastic laminate partitions can be fully customized in your favorite colors or with your logo emblazoned on them. These are made of strong particle board coated in plastic laminate. Before they are coated, we simply add your design.


These are perfect for a business that wants to create a customized look in their restrooms. They are not designed for busy locations or extreme weather conditions. However, they do come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The price points vary based on the designs you choose. They are easy to keep clean, but they do not have the same lifespan as stainless steel or other materials. 

Colorful and durable

For some businesses, solid plastic is the perfect material for their commercial restroom. Solid plastic restroom compartments come with a 25-year warranty, showing how strong and durable these colorful choices are. These are good choices in busy places like schools and sports facilities. The solid plastic does not lose color as the color runs all the way through the walls. 


They come in several colors and coordinate with many of our restroom accessories. They are resistant to chemicals, graffiti, and moisture, too. If you need restroom compartments in locations with extreme environmental conditions, these are a good choice. 

Environmentally friendly and vandal-resistant

Phenolic restroom compartments are good choices for buildings that are looking for green certifications. These are made by pressing kraft paper and covering them in a phenolic resin. The middle color is black and the exterior can be customized to suit your style in solid colors or faux wood grains. 


Phenolic compartments can also be engraved, to showcase the black underneath the exterior color. They come at a lower price point than stainless or solid plastic ones. They are easy to clean, durable, and water-resistant.