Below are some bullet points regarding the different types of toilet partition materials and things that differentiate them.   Most toilet partition suppliers will provide you pricing on one type of material at a time forcing you to decide which material you want up front.  The nice thing about our toilet partition pricing tool is that we provide you pricing for 5 different material at one.  Not only do you not need to know which material you can also decide on the color at a different time and it will no effect your price.   If you have any questions or concerns please give me a call at 833-759-0176 my name is Rob and I would love to help you.

Powder Coat Material

  • Entry Level Pricing
  • 15 Colors to Choose From
  • Delivered in 3-6 Business Days
  • Durable and Repairable
  • 3 Year Warranty

“HPL” High Pressure Laminate Material

  • Budget Level Pricing
  • 33 Colors to Chose From
  • Delivered in 3-6 Business Days
  • Versatile and Durable
  • 2 Year Warranty

Solid Plastic / HDPE Material

  • Mid Level Pricing
  • 14 Colors to Choose From
  • Delivered in 5-10 Business Days
  • Built to Last & Easy to Maintain
  • 25 Year Warranty

Compact Laminate / Phenolic Material

  • Higher End Pricing
  • 18 Color to Choose From
  • Delivered in 5-10 Business Bays
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • 25 Year Warranty

Stainless Steel Material

  • Higher End Pricing
  • Satin #4 Finish
  • Delivered in 3-6 Business days
  • Elegant and Easy to Clean
  • 5 Year Warranty



What are Bathroom Partitions Made Of?

Choosing bathroom partitions can be a difficult process if you are not accustomed to it. There is actually a lot of thought that goes into the selection process. You cannot just choose generic panels on a whim and toss them into a public or commercial bathroom setting. They must be carefully and thoughtfully chosen to fit in the environment where they will be installed. There are key factors to consider like humidity, durability, aesthetics, and, of course, the price. These considerations must be made prior to choose the best bathroom partition for your setting.

Four Types of Bathroom Partition Materials

There are four primary materials used to construct bathroom partition walls. Here are those four materials and the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Powder Coated Steel Bathroom Partitions

The most economical and common option is powder coated steel partitions. The material is comprised of a panel of honeycomb cardboard covered on both sides with a thick sheet of metal. The metal sheets are covered with a powder coat finish. The process of making these bathroom stall walls includes applying powder to the steel and heating it up in a huge oven. This bakes the powder onto the steel.

The advantages of these panels include the nice high-quality finish it provides, and it is an economical choice. The only disadvantage of powder coated steel panels is it’s not available in a wide variety of colors or styles.

Plastic Laminate Toilet Partition Walls

This type of partition is created by adhering a thin layer or laminate to a particle board substrate. Basically, thin sheets of laminate are glued to the particle board. These run a bit higher per panel than powder coated steel partitions. However, the advantage of this type of bathroom stall wall is that it is customizable. There are plenty of color choices including wood grain, marble, granite, and solid patterns. The disadvantage is that these panels cannot be used in wet or humid areas. Humidity and water can damage the laminate. If your bathroom facilities include a shower, choose an alternative material.

Solid Plastic Bathroom Panels

As their name suggests, these restroom panels are constructed of solid plastic. They are a full one-inch thick panel constructed of polymer. They run a bit higher than the other options but they are durable and will last a long time. The advantages include being able to use them in any type of environment. They are durable in wet, dry, hot, and cold conditions. The primary disadvantage is the cost, but they are worth it due to their longevity and they come with an exceptional warranty.

Stainless Steel Partitions

If your commercial or public restroom is in a high end environment, stainless steel is a great choice. It’s available in a number of patterns and textures. They do cost more than other options, but they are rigid and waterproof so they will last a very long time. The advantages of this type of bathroom wall partition is the luxurious look and the ability to use them in virtually any environments. As for disadvantages, there are not any.

Phenolic Core

This type of stall wall is comprised of many layers of paper compressed together and then soaked in a phenolic resin coating. It is a synthetic polymer. It’s resilient material that can hold up even in tough environments. The primary advantage of choosing phenolic core is its incredibly long lifespan. These panels are durable. They hold up in wet environments. This property makes them easy to clean and suitable for many harsher environments. Other advantages include being resistant to corrosion and bacteria. They are one of the most expensive partitions available. But they will eventually pay for themselves and they can stand in in high-traffic environment like an amusement park.

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