High Pressure Laminate Toilet Partitions


Plastic Laminate is second most most popular material and is now be re-branded by the manufacturers to “HPL” which is High Pressure laminate. This toilet partition material is priced slightly above the Powder Coat Steel and will come in many more color options…almost endless color patterns. The standard version of this material will come with chrome hardware, aluminum head-rail and stainless steel shoes. This will have a two year warranty and if maintained properly will last you a decade or more.

This material is not good for high moisture areas and is a big NO NO for any type of shower divider. If the moisture gets to the core board it will start swelling and will pop the laminate. If installed in the correct type of facility. You will enjoy this product many years to come.

For additional details on our “HPL” Toilet Partition system visit our page Bobrick HPL Toilet Partitions