No one ever gets excited about going to use the public restrooms and with good reason. A typical American stall is not the most appealing place to spend any length of time. How many times have you decided…“I’m just going to hold it until I get home”?

Also, if you own a restaurant, bar, or another business that has a commercial restroom. Hence, you do not want your customers to feel that way. Besides, the bulk of public bathrooms in America have a bad reputation for having a lack of privacy and an abundance of issues.

Below, we will highlight some of the problems as well as some solutions to address the issues.

The Issues with American Stalls

Large Gaps at Doors

Most of the issues on this list (except the gap at the floor) can be in elimination with proper installing techniques. If the project is appropriately measured and engineered, you should not have significant differences that allow for a game to peek a boo.

Also, gaps at the doors should be no more significant than 1/4″ (thinner than a pencil). If you currently have substantial differences at your door(s), you can typically adjust these. It is as simple as lifting your “shoe” (trim piece at the floor) and sliding the pilaster over on the adjustable floor brackets.

Significant Gaps at the Floor

This gap is by design. It is not the most flattering design; however, it has been around for about 75 years. European style partitions are becoming much more popular in the United States, and many options are available to solve this problem. For additional information on these, please visit here: Typical heights of toilet partitions. 

Lack of Privacy

Also, the overall lack of privacy in today’s toilet partitions is changing. Many “no site” solutions are available and more popular than ever.

Some options include continuous brackets, piano hinges, routed doors, and pilasters, to name a few. Give us a call to inquire about our options. 619-334-6653 – Rob

Lack of Designs

Moreover, times are changing, and so is the number of design options for toilet partitions. The internet has made researching on sites like Pinterest and Instagram an ordinary these sparking creativity and value in the industry.

Hence, if you see a system you would like however, cannot locate it on our site, please email us at, so we provide you with pricing and product data.


Therefore, you need to find a platform where you can renovate your bathrooms. Hence, we are definitely one of the best choices that you can make to renovate American stalls.

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