Toilet Partition Manufacturers


Unless you have a trained eye, it is very difficult to tell which company manufacturers each line of toilet partitions.  Even when each line and style are side by side there are very settle differences you might notice.  This is all by design so Toilet Partitions manufacturers can be used as an “equal” when trying to compete with other brands.  Each brand below has proven themselves decade after decade as leaders in the toilet partition industry.  We stand behind each of these brands and would love to quote you a project using any of them.  My name is Rob and please email me at with your layouts and manufacturer requests.

Bobrick toilet partitions has been leading the industry for over 100 years Bobrick’s brands are the most recognizable washroom accessory brands on the planet.  We offer all of Bobrick’s toilet partition lines including 100’s of washroom accessories as well as all their Koala brand products.

Hadrian toilet partitions is sorta the new kid on the block.  Bringing technology and innovation to the industry this brand is quickly becoming a leader in the industry.  Manufacturing powder coat, stainless steel and solid plastic they have a 99% on time shipping rate.  Consistent is another key factor in Hadrian’s recent success. has a special little niche among these manufacturers.  We are able to procure custom size part and “one off” parts that most manufacturers will not touch.  If you have an odd request and are having trouble filling please give me a call at 619-334-6653 to see if I can help…my name is Rob.

Scranton products sells only one material type and that is solid plastic – HDPE. They are very focused on the polymer toilet partition industry show this with their industry leading HDPE designs.  Please see their products at this link Scranton Products

Also know as Mills partitions, Bradley has been in the washroom business for over 100 years.  They carry a full line of partition styles and materials.  Lead times can be extended with some of their materials.

One of the oldest and most recognizable bathroom partition brands on the planet.   Every style, material and configuration under the sun is available from Accurate toilet partitions.

Accurate partitions is the sister company to Global partitions.  Pretty much everything that Global does Accurate does as well as they have recently branded these companies together.

Metpar toilet partitions is based out of New York and is a very innovative and customer oriented company.  Very competitive pricing and great turn around times make Metpar a manufacturer worth dealing with.