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Choosing Commercial Bathroom Partitions for Your Business Establishment

There are many considerations that go into choosing the right and quality commercial bathroom partitions for a business. There are a few common needs like aesthetic appeal, high-quality materials, and providing privacy for patrons. Some business owners may be more concerned with the trends in commercial bathroom partitions while others are more concerned about a therapeutic and aesthetic design. Providing privacy for patrons is always a consideration and many want to provide partitions for a commercial bathroom within certain budgetary restrictions.

Commercial Bathroom Partition Material for Each Business Type

You may be wondering which type of bathroom stall walls are best for the type of business you own. There are five basic materials used in panel construction and each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. There are five types of materials used to construct restroom partitions.

  •   Powder Coated
  •   Plastic Laminate
  •   Solid Plastic
  •   Stainless Steel
  •   Phenolic Core

No single material is the best choice for all settings. Some stand up to wetter environments, while others can withstand heat. You will need to consider the environment the stalls will be in as well as the type of overall structure. Another huge factor to think about is the amount of traffic you expect the bathroom facilities to serve. Lots of traffic means lots of wear and tear. You will want something that can endure a lot of use while maintaining their aesthetic appeal. Here is a brief discussion of each material and which types of business they work best for.

Powder Coated Restroom Partition Walls

This is one of the most common types of panels used in a commercial bathroom setting. Inside is a honeycomb cardboard slab. This is covered with thick sheets of metal. A powder coating finish is baked onto the metal sheets. This type of partition is budget-friendly and carries a class A fire safety rating. The panels turn out to be lightweight and sturdy. They do not come in a wide variety of colors or styles. These commercial bathroom partitions are suitable for settings such as:

  •   Government buildings
  •   Hospitality Industry
  •   Office buildings
  •   Houses of Worship
  •   Restaurants

Plastic Laminate Commercial Restroom Walls

Plastic laminate bathroom stall walls are another budget-friendly choice. They run a little higher than powder coated panels. They are constructed by covering a particle board substrate with thin laminate. One of the advantages to these panels is they have more options when it comes to customization. There are several design options like marble, wood grain, or granite. However, this material is not suited for moist environments. If your commercial bathroom has a shower choose a better suited material. Plastic laminate is suitable for:

  •   Hospitals
  •   Hotels
  •   Office Buildings
  •   Churches
  •   Restaurants

Solid Plastic Partitions for Commercial Bathrooms

As the name implies, these panels are constructed of solid plastic. They will cost a bit more than other options, but they also last for a lot longer. The advantage to this type of partition is that they can endure almost any environment. This type of partition is impact resistant and can withstand graffiti. They remain durable even if they are exposed to hot, cold, wet, or dry conditions. These rugged panels are great in settings such as:

  •   Bars
  •   School Settings
  •   Sports Facilities and Stadiums
  •   Outdoor Parks
  •   Campgrounds

Stainless Steel Commercial Bathroom Partitions

You have probably seen stainless steel partitions in hospital settings. This material is easy to keep clean. The non-porous surface does not provide any areas for bacteria to hide. These commercial-grade panels work well in high-end environments too. For moist environments, stainless steel is great since they are rust and corrosion resistant. No matter what environment they are subjected to, stainless steel commercial partitions will provide a luxurious look. The settings most favorable for this type include:

  •   Hospitals and Clinics
  •   Hotels
  •   Offices
  •   Houses of Worship
  •   Eating Establishments

Phenolic Core Commercial Bathroom Partitions

If you need partitions that are nearly indestructible, phenolic core is the right choice. These panels are constructed of many layers of paper compressed together. Once the paper is compressed, it is soaked with a phenolic resin coating. This material is a good choice for areas that require more aggressive cleaning practices. They can also withstand some of the harshest environments imaginable. High-traffic areas are ideal settings for phenolic core stall walls. Consider these for commercial establishments in settings like:

  •   Amusement Parks
  •   Malls
  •   Bars
  •   Sports Arenas
  •   Military Facilities
  •   Campgrounds
  •   Parks

Optimizing Your Commercial Bathroom Space

Not only do you need to choose the right material for your commercial bathroom areas, you also want to have solid enough stalls to meet your traffic needs. If you have limited space, you may consider smaller stall sizes. Don’t forget that you’ll also need some other spaces such as sinks and hand dryers. Since you will need to meet ADA guidelines, you will need at least one handicap stall to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Also, take into consideration any commercial building codes for bathroom design and construction. These can vary depending on your region and type of business. Once you are sure how much space you have and how many stalls you need, you can choose the right commercial bathroom partition material.

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