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Choosing Bathroom Stall Doors

In public bathrooms, privacy is everything, as is security. Whether setting up a public restroom, or a washroom for an office or commercial building, you need to carefully consider the best bathroom stall doors to protect your visitors. Sometimes known as bathroom partitions, they are assets to public comfort.

While it may be tempting to consider a catch-all solution, this is rarely a good idea. You need to think carefully about regulations, sizing, material, and look. What’s more, you should always think about durability and hygiene.

Are you struggling to find the best stall doors for your restroom space? Make sure to shop our full range and to take a closer look at our frequently asked questions.

Why Your Stall Door Choice Matters

It may be tempting to assume that all stall doors serve the same purpose. That may be true to an extent; however, different doors are likely to benefit your bathrooms. For example, a modern office or corporate building may benefit from stylish and contemporary designs. Public restrooms, in particular, will benefit from doors that are rigid against potential vandalism.

You can choose to set up full bathroom stalls outright. However, there may be occasions where you need to replace a door or two. This is likely to save you time, money, and effort. However, if your existing stalls are showing wear and tear, it may be time to opt for a full replacement.

Your choice in bathroom partitions matters in terms of regulations, too. Depending on the type of building or bathroom you maintain, you will need to ensure you offer visitors a specific level of comfort, safety, and privacy. Therefore, it makes sense to shop for doors from a professional manufacturer and supplier.

What to Look for in Bathroom Stall Doors

It is not a good idea to choose the first stall doors you come across. While your ideal doors should be sturdy and compliant with regulations, there are other factors you must consider:

  • Does your stall door give enough privacy? Are there any side gaps between the door and stall?
  • Is your door easy to clean and maintain? Is it likely to fall victim to vandalism or malicious damage? Will it resist years of use?
  • Is your door easy for all patrons you use? Can disabled or differently-abled users easily open and close them without over-exertion?
  • Have you considered the way your doors swing in and out? Will they cause blockages or obstructions?
  • Does your door match the construction and finish of your existing stall? Do you intend to create a flush, streamlined look, or a more vibrant aesthetic?
  • Have you considered dimensions? US bathroom stalls come in standardized shapes and sizes. Stall doors available from reputable retailers will fit all stall varieties.
  • How do you install the doors you’re interested in? Is it a simple installation for you to undertake yourself, or will you need to hire a contractor?

Of course, these are only a few queries and concerns. Your own individual needs may vary.

Presenting the Right Image

One side to buying bathroom stall doors you might not have thought about is the image you put across. Believe it or not, your public is going to judge you on the way you set up your stalls. When providing a public service or a commercial restroom, you should set up with installations that are modern, easy to access, and which are well-maintained.

A poorly-maintained bathroom is going to offer a lasting, negative impression. Therefore, it is crucial to take care, with all design elements – right down to the stall doors and how they swing in and out.

Before buying bathroom stall doors, do make sure to read through our FAQs below. If you need bathroom stall doors for your projects, offers the best quality and price as a partition supplier. If you have any additional queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our team. 

FAQ Bathroom Stall Doors

What are bathroom stall doors?

Bathroom Stall Doors are the doors you enter through to use the toilet in public restrooms.  These are known as Toilet Partitions, Bathroom stalls and Restroom Compartments.

What is the thickness of bathroom stall doors?

1” Thick for most materials.  However Phenolic-Compact laminate will be .5” thick. 

What colors are available?

Each material will have colors specific to them. For visit our bathroom stall color page

How do you remove Bathroom Stall Doors?

Remove the bottom hinge fasteners first.  If possible have someone hold the door while you remove the top hinges. These can be very heavy so be careful.

Does it matter which way the doors swing?

It can. Swinging the door in an ADA clearspace is prohibited. For more information on ADA-Handicap compliance please visit our bathroom stall and ADA sizes page.

Do they come with the dividers panels?

No. If you need the complete system please let us know or visit our instant pricing tool

Do they come with hinges and door hardware?

Yes.  You will need to indicate the “door swing” so the correct hinges can be sent with your order. 

What size do you need for handicap stalls?

36” Door is the most popular. When opened at 90 degrees this will maintain the typically 34” clear needed to comply with most ADA situations.

34” Door can also comply in all ambulatory stall situations as well as some ADA stalls. I advise going with a 36” door at all times to be safe.