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Powder Coat


Plastic Laminate


Solid Plastic


Stainless Steel

Commercial Bathroom Stalls and Why They Differ


It is tempting to assume that all commercial bathroom stalls are precisely the same. Primarily for comfort and privacy, the best commercial partitions will give bathroom users the safety they need at a sensitive moment. However, various types and construction materials come into play.

That said, it can be difficult to narrow down the right choice. You will need to follow specific regulations as well as your own measurements. Beyond this, there are benefits to setting up varying stall types.

Have you considered the best look of stall for your commercial bathroom? Beyond aesthetics, you should also consider which toilet partition system is likely to benefit your users the most.


Steel or Laminate?

While there are still a variety of wooden and cork stall options, some of the hardest-wearing options are plastic or metallic. For example, many bathroom operators choose stainless steel doors and stalls. Stainless metal tends to be easy to clean, and benefits from being hygienic by design.

What’s more, a metallic look is likely to offer a clean, professional image. Powder coat steel and metal, too, will help to create a unique design and look.

Many businesses choose commercial bathroom stalls in plastic laminate for this very reason. Solid plastic and laminate doors are among the most flexible in terms of color and design. It may, therefore, be a viable option for those businesses that need to stick to color branding.

Custom plastic solutions, too, allow you to add modern or classical twists as you prefer.


What About Phenolic?

While many bathroom operators will choose metal or laminate stalls, phenolic offers an appealing midpoint option. It is a laminate standard which is likely to be tougher and more reliable than most plastic doors and partitions. It is also versatile in terms of design and looks, available in finishes and solid colors as you may desire.

Another benefit to this style of partition manufacture is lightweight resilience. While steel is hardy and durable, it can be bulky. Plastic and laminate, meanwhile, may be light, but not always as robust as you need them to be.


Making the Right Choice

Choosing commercial bathroom stalls for your office washroom or your public facilities does not have to be an arduous process. You may wish to look for bathroom fittings and fixtures which complement your partitions.

Therefore, a look and fit, which is both timeless and practical, is likely to be your best first option. However, if your needs demand it, it will be worth looking for colorful and versatile options. For example, school bathrooms will benefit from bright or color-branded stalls. Public buildings and offices, meanwhile, will likely rely more on resilience and ease of use.

Accessibility is key. All modern bathroom partitions should be easy for people of all abilities to use. Therefore, it is worth considering options built with accessibility for disabled patrons in mind.

You can also find any partitions on our website such as toilet partitions, washroom partitions, and bathroom partitions, etc.


Essentials to Remember

The most effective commercial bathroom stalls are those which endure years of use, cleaning, and maintenance. Look for partition options like toilet partitions, washroom partitions, etc. that are resilient against vandalism and malicious damage. What’s more, ensure your stalls are visually appealing and hygienic by design.

Do also remember to accessorize accordingly. Steel stalls, for example, will always complement modern metallic handrails and towel dispensers.

FAQ Commercial Bathroom Stalls

What is a commercial bathroom stall?

A commercial restroom stall is an enclosure designed to give a person privacy while using the restroom in multiple occupancy restrooms.  

What are commercial bathroom stalls made of?

There are five typical types of restroom stalls. They are manufactured using the following:



How much are commercial bathroom stalls?

Prices will vary by type of material. We recommend visiting our budget pricing page for detailed information.

What is the standard size of a restroom stall?

Standard size stalls are typically 60-inches deep and 36-inches wide. These are the most common; however, they can be as small as 30-inches and, in some cases, 48-inches Deep.

How do I Install commercial restroom stalls?

We recommend watching a short video on installation as well as reading the installation guide. It can be found here. 


How Tall are commercial restroom stalls?

How long do you take to deliver?


  • Powder Coat is 3-6 Business Days
  • Plastic Laminate is 3-6 Business Days
  • Solid Plastic is 6-9 Business Days
  • Stainless Steel is 3-6 Business Days
  • Phenolic – Compact laminate is 10-15 Business Days