What are Toilet Partitions?

A toilet partitions is a small enclosure around a toilet that is designed to give the user privacy while using the restroom.  A few other popular names are bathroom stall, toilet cubicle and restroom compartment.  At the end of the day all reference the same product and have the same design intent.  While there are many options to choose from and it can be quite overwhelming without a little help and guidance.  In this section we will break down and detail the five major areas that make up toilet partition systems.

  1. Type of Material – there are five basic types of materials with varied prices, colors, and durability.
  2. Style of Mounting – there are four different mounting options
  3. Color & Hardware – colors depend on the material you select. Hardware varies with mounting and accessories.
  4. Manufacturers – we offer hand-picked manufacturers to guarantee you get the best products.
  5. Component Parts – this will vary depending on your needs and required accessories.

How to choose Toilet Partitions

Understanding your facility as well as toilet partitions will make choosing your systems much easier.  Toilet Partitions are not cheap and mistakes can be costly.  Avoiding these mistakes is quite easy and in this section we will go over the different factors you should be considering before making an investment into your toilet partition system.

  1. Type of Facility – school, airport, hotel, restaurant, retail store
  2. Type of Customer– male, female, children, family, gender-neutral
  3. Project Budget – overall, the least expensive options don’t last quite as long
  4. Surrounding Environment – the amount of foot traffic, humidity level, and vandalism


Surprisingly, gender-neutral bathrooms usually don’t cost any more than any other bathroom. It’s important to ensure you’re up to date with all the requirements needed to pass local building codes. There are very subtle differences between the traditional bathroom requirements and gender-neutral. If you’re required to have one, it’s essential that you adhere to local codes and guidelines.

Bathroom Stall Dimensions

Unless you are building a brand new restroom from the ground up your restroom dimensions are likely already in place.  You just need to figure out if your restroom needs to be ADA compliant and how to configure your system to allow this. In this section we will go over the the important details of your bathroom stall dimensions.

  1. Do you need ADA or Non-ADA?
  2. Dimensions of Non-ADA Stall
  3. Dimensions of ADA Stall
  4. Clear Path to ADA Stall
  5. Size of Doors
  6. Component Parts

ADA compliance can be confusing; you’re always welcome to call Rob the owner, directly at 619-334-6653 if you need help.


The height of your bathroom partitions might not be something you have taken into consideration until you enter a stall with very little privacy. Often you will find stalls shorter than you would like. But sometimes you find yourself in your own completely private stall with very tall doors. Let’s look at the different partition heights available.

  1. Standard – 58 to 84 inches tall
  2. More Privacy – 64 to 72 inches tall
  3. Maximum Privacy – 92 inches tall


Modesty has never been a word that comes to mind when describing an “American.” Over the last few decades, the “American” toilet stall has come under criticism with foreign travelers. And, in many cases, they are correct. In this section, we will go over some of the most complained about aspects of toilet partitions and some solutions.

  1. Gaps Around Doors
  2. Gaps at Floor
  3. Lack of Overall Privacy
  4. Lack of Designs

How to Estimate Toilet Partitions

Estimating or “bidding” toilet partitions is relatively simple, but you want to make sure you order what you need. We have an easy-to-use automated pricing tool. It will give you instant pricing, drawings, colors, and product information on five materials. Or, you can always skip this step and call us at (855) 809-2049. Here are the things to consider and a link for more in-depth data if you want to learn a little more about estimating toilet partitions.

  1. Budget Numbers – if you’re on a limited budget, there are a few good choices
  2. Selecting a Manufacturer – pricing depends on materials
  3. Identifying a Style– this has to do with the type of brace you choose
  4. Choosing a Color– some materials come in more colors than others
  5. Hard Numbers – once you figure out what you need, you can always contact us to double-check


Bathroom stall locks and hardware have a rough life inside of the restrooms. Each time I enter a public restroom, I’m very observant of the system, who the manufacturer is, and the system’s overall health. Most issues with the hardware and locks come from lack of maintenance over the years, or the initial installation was incorrect. In this section, we will go over a few areas to help you get more life out of your locks and hardware.

  1. Standard Hardwareis mainly for restrooms that won’t have heavy traffic
  2. Stainless Steel Hardware is more durable than standard
  3. Heavy Duty Hardwareis for toilets with heavy usage
  4. “No Sight” Hardware for upscale bathrooms where you don’t see the hardware

Receiving Your Toilet Partition Order

Being prepared to receive your toilet partition order is essential and also very easy. You should have received a ship date as well as tracking information shortly after your order ships out. It is the customer’s responsibility to coordinate and prepare to remove the pallet from the back of the freight liner. Most delivery destinations won’t have a forklift or loading dock. If that’s the case, you’ll need a liftgate for an additional $120. A liftgate is a large hydraulic lift that lifts and lowers freight off the back of the delivery truck. If you need a liftgate, make sure to request one when you place your order. We will always ask if you need a liftgate during the time of order. Make sure to ask yourself these four questions, so your order goes smoothly.

  1. Do I need a liftgate?
  2. Do I have a ship date?
  3. Did I receive tracking?
  4. Am I prepared to receive my order?


Don’t be frightened by this section. Toilet Partition systems are designed for ease of installation. A typical carpenter or a handyman will have no problem installing a toilet partitions system. The top four things the installation consists of is:

  1. Identifying Parts
  2. Laying-out Parts
  3. Erecting Parts
  4. Adjusting Doors


Now that your system is up and operational, it’s just a matter of maintaining it to keep it working and looking beautiful for years to come. Don’t just set them and forget them. Your customers rely on having a nice restroom when using your facility. The three things you’ll want to plan for is

  1. Cleaning – The first rule is don’t use harsh chemicals
  2. Maintenance – Check for loose screws, grease joints
  3. Extending Life -Fix any damage or vandalism immediately

The entire team at ToiletPartitions.com is here to help you and make sure that your order is correct and delivered on time. Whether you have one bathroom or 500, we’ll make sure you receive the highest in customer care and satisfaction.

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